Eric Simonelli – Consultant

As a college admissions counselor for over ten years, Eric has read over 150,000 student files, made final decisions regarding perspective students for admission. For those files, Eric would analyze each high school profile and student transcript, while managing merit scholarships given to students. He also reviewed college essays for each, plus he assisted in committee based decisions (borderline, special circumstances, and waitlisted students).


Sean Kelly – Consultant

Sean graduated from Wheaton College in 2006 with a B.A. in English Literature and from Emerson College in 2010 with a MFA in Creative Writing. He is currently in his 8th year teaching on the high school level, including time at both public and independent schools. In addition to teaching English at Wheeler and working with high school seniors and their college essays, Sean also works as an Admission Associate and specializes in the process of interviewing and transcript reading.