• Calculate your EFC
  • Estimation of financial aid awards
  • Comparison of net costs
  • Tax strategies and asset allocation to lower EFC

*A free consultation is done to determine if we can help you save you money

Financial Aid Services for Incoming first year college student
  • Complete and submit the CSS/Profile Financial Aid Application*
  • Complete and submit the initial FAFSA and update the FAFSA using the DRT
  • Complete and submit the Business/Farm Supplement forms as required
  • Complete and submit college institutional Financial Aid forms as required
  • Complete and submit IDOC documents as required
  • Complete and submit all Federal and college Verification forms as required
  • Send all required copies of Federal tax returns and W2s to the colleges as required
  • Prepare Awards Analysis from all colleges awards the student receives
  • Review awards analysis with family
  • Direct all appeals and negotiations
  • Provide recommendations on student and parent Federal and Private loans
  • All services include telephone and email ongoing support


Service Fees

$995 for all above services for a maximum of 10 colleges**

$795 for FAFSA only colleges for a maximum of 10 colleges**

$395 Prepare awards analysis and direct all appeals

$195 Examine and review appeal letters

$195 “Second-Look” Review Financial Aid applications the client has already submitted

$195 “Self-Submit” Review Financial Aid applications prior to client submission

*There is an additional College Board CSS/Profile Application fee of $9 and a $16 Reporting fee for each Profile college

** $50 will be charged for each college over 10 colleges


S&A College Counseling provides college planning and preparation fee based services. The FAFSA can be filed for free, without professional assistance at S&A College Counseling reserves the right to work with only dedicated and committed students. Our Group serves a select number of students per academic year to ensure quality results. We do NOT make any claims or guarantees on college admissions results, scholarships, financial aid award results, or financial aid appeal letter results. Great results will always be dependent upon the individual student, academic history, determination, and character of student. S&A College Counseling does NOT solicit clients for other financial products such as life insurance, annuities, or other investment products. We are strictly focused on proper college planning. 2013 pricing. Price may vary based on contract date within school year.