What our clients say:

“Watching your child achieve a milestone in their life is one of the greatest gifts a parent gets – and the day Scott opened his acceptance letter from Trinity was certainly one of those gifts. As I watched his face light up as he read through his letter I was overjoyed to see all his hard work paid off – and that is not always the case for college bound students. As I look back and recount when you and Scott met, it was your initial honest approach which made our teenage son so comfortable with the concept of working with you. Teenagers do not go willingly with a parent’s suggestion, and having gone down the college path with our first student/athlete I can attest that it was less taxing with you on board the second time around. Your candor and accessibility went a long way – it wasn’t until after the fact did I realize how Scott would reach out to you via email, and he whole heartily respected you and your opinion.”

“I wanted to share my sincerest gratitude for all the work you put in with Scott during his college process. I comfortably assumed a rather minor “parent role” because of your trust, honesty and professionalism – certainly a testament to you and your company’s continued success.”

-Jody Cullinane, mother of Scott Cullinane, Trinity College 2016


“Without any hesitation, we highly recommend Sean Casey as a college consultant. We met with Sean and were immediately impressed. We always felt like Sean had Andrew’s best short term and long term interests in mind. He took the time to become familiar with us as well as our son. He learned of everyone’s desires and goals. He knew that Andrew was strong in math and science but was not quite sure, at that time, what his major area of study would be nor what sized school he desired. Andrew also had an intense desire to play collegiate volleyball but was not sure at what level, or where he wanted to play. Sean had his work cut out for him, to say the least! He went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways and exceeded our expectations in every way. His professionalism and warmth was appreciated and we always felt that Andrew was at the top of his list. He connected and spoke with Andrew often. He kept things positive and real, and guided Andrew to formulate his own opinions. He gave us time frames, proofed letters, read several versions of the college essay, and communicated with all of us on an ongoing basis. He formulated a list of schools that would be a match for Andrew academically, athletically, and socially. He gave pros and cons to all the schools, and provided information that we would not have accessed on our own. His patience with all of us was amazing. As parents we had many, many questions….Sean never tired of our endless requests, always responding promptly via phone and/or e-mail. Most importantly, his interactions on an on-going basis with Andrew were filled with compassion, encouragement, respect, skill, and genuine concern for all he was going through during “the process”.

“Sean contacted athletic coaches on our behalf…I won’t go into detail, but he did an enormous amount of legwork to accomplish this. He used his many resources and contacts, or would use his skills to find them. He advised when to call, send video, emails, etc., and what the context of conversation might be best.”

Andrew got into his first choice school which he will be attending in the Fall. Thank you Sean for your endless work on Andrew’s behalf, and all your support and kindness to all of us!”

– Sue Levenbaum, mother of Andrew Levenbaum, Univeristy of New Hampshire 2016


“Antoinette and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your valued help. As we were approaching Victoria’s senior year in high school, we were a bit overwhelmed with the prospects of college, gaining acceptance, finding a suitable home for her to play collegiate volleyball and possibly qualifying for scholarships as well. We were late in the game and many schools already had committed in-coming players. Having your assistance in navigating the available opportunities that existed for Victoria was very beneficial is securing a place for her next year.

Your insight and respectful tactics in contacting schools on her behalf helped us succeed in not only getting Victoria accepted at a very prestigious business school, landing a roster spot on their division 1 volleyball team but also garnering a partial scholarship. All around, we couldn’t be happier how things turned out!

Thanks for your help, involvement and dedication to helping students and families make the best choices they can during the confusing process of trying to play collegiate sports, working towards athletic and academic scholarships and gaining college acceptance.”

Charles Sayegh, Antoinette Bryan Parents of Victoria Bryan Newton South HS 2012


“My son and I spent countless hours trying to navigate through the college selection process, feeling as though we were getting no where. Sean Casey helped point my son in the right direction, both athletically and academically. Sean turned an overwhelming process into an enjoyable experience resulting in a decision my son and I are very confident with- he will be a member of the class of 2017 at Western New England University.”

-Pam Lutz, mother of Ryan Lutz, Western New England College 2017


“I want to thank you for helping my son, James, in his endeavor to play college basketball. My husband and I are still so amazed at how everything just worked out perfectly for James. He is thrilled that he will be a member of the Tartans basketball team at Carnegie Mellon University when he arrives there as a freshman next fall.

When we met you last summer at the All Academic Camp in Boston, James had already pinpointed the schools that he was most interested in attending. Carnegie Mellon was his number one pick. Although James had already reached out to Coach Wingen and Coach Garcia, he was not sure if he was really on their radar at all. And we did not know what his chances were at getting admitted to the school. You helped us tremendously in reviewing James’ highlight and game tapes as well as reviewing his academic record. You told James that his top three schools were definitely “possible,” but you also worked with him to determine other schools that would be good fits as backups for both academics and basketball. Most importantly, you made personal phone calls to James’ top pick coaches, including to Coach Garcia at CMU. This component of your service was invaluable. You helped to bring James to the attention of the coaches. And they gave him a second look. Beyond that, you worked with us on how to maximize our travel. Coming from California, James had really only one opportunity to visit the east coast last fall (after the initial trip to Boston in July). You helped find him the right exposure camp that would get him in front of his top pick coaches. And, ultimately, you helped get James a hosted visit to Carnegie Mellon where he was able to spend the day with the coaches and practice with the team. James did his part, too. He stayed in communication with the coaches, per your advice. And he kept working hard. When he received the call from Coach Wingen at CMU, he was on cloud nine. All James’ hard work and the investment in S&A College Counseling paid off. Thank you, Sean, for all that you did for James. He couldn’t be happier!!”

-Lisa Riddiough, mother of James Ormand, Carnegie Mellon University 2017



“We highly recommend Sean Casey and his team at S&A College Counseling. Sean worked with our son Duncan to identify opportunities to play college football where he could find both an academic and athletic match. Sean identified additional schools for our son’s consideration and reached out to coaches on his behalf. He helped our son determine which schools were reach schools versus realistic schools from both an academic and athletic perspective.

Sean’s team also assisted us by preparing a professional profile and a well-received film that highlighted our son’s athletic skills and abilities. Sean also “coached” us through the process of communicating with coaches, preparing for overnight visits, and getting ready for interviews and phone calls. In retrospect, we have two recommendations for athletes and parents considering pursuing college sports: first, engage outside expertise from a group like S&A College Counseling. Second, reach out for help early to gain an understanding of the process and to get started.”

-Mary McIntosh, mother of Duncan McIntosh, University of Massachusetts 2017


“When you are in the recruiting “game”, you get lots of advice and lots of opinions from a variety of people. After hearing Sean Casey speak, we realized that he could help us play this “game”. The thing we valued most from Sean was his honesty. He was very clear and painted us a very realistic picture as he outlined the options for our son in terms of playing basketball at the collegiate level. He always had his best interest in mind. After outlining the options, it was up to our family to decide what we thought was best for our son. Sean supported us by making calls to coaches of all levels trying to gather information about opportunities for our son; he had the direct contacts we did not have. Sean created a framework for us to work within, but even after all the work he did, the ultimate decision came down to our son. Sean was patient and supportive as we agonized throughout the winter about “the decision”. Eventually, the decision was made and Sean had called it right.”

-Dena St. Amour, mother of Matthieu St. Amour, Middlebury 2017