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Why Scholar Athlete Consulting?

Scholar Athlete Consulting consists of former college coaches, college admissions officers, high school athletic directors, and financial advisors.  Since the college selection process can be overwhelming,  we use our experiences to help you find the right school fit.  After working with hundreds of students, we can help your son or daughter stand out among thousands of other applicants by using our proven marketing techniques.

There are many companies that believe you can completely automate the college search process, but we aren’t one of them.  We believe every student has different goals and desires, and you need to make them stand out as an individual to gain success in the college process.  Read more>>

Our Clients Say:

As parents we had many, many questions. Sean never tired of our endless requests, always responding promptly via phone and/or e-mail. Most importantly, his interactions on an on-going basis with Andrew were filled with compassion, encouragement, respect, skill, and genuine concern for all he was going through during the process.

Sue Levenbaum
Contact Us:
For a FREE consultation call us @ (401) 451-5807 or send us an EMAIL.