academic services

what we do:

By gaining insight into students’ strengths (inside and outside the classroom), we help you develop a plan for the college search process. Our college counselors have over 20 years of experience and offer a complimentary phone consultation to each family. We will discuss your specific goals for the college search process. If you choose a service below, our college counselors will offer you the following services:

  • An informational family college planning session
  • A wealth of knowledge to what goes on the other side of the desk in college admissions committees
  • Efficient response time to email and phone calls
  • Overall high school grades and course selection
  • Extracurricular and summer activities/internships
  • Standardized Testing Plan (ACT vs. SAT)
  • Career exploration
  • Financial planning
  • Transfer admission
  • Your responses to our in-depth college questionnaire

what our college counselors do for you:

  • Personal touch: Evaluate your responses to our detailed career and college questionnaire.
  • Communication with your family: We keep students on track and parents informed with important college information.
  • Discuss current trends in college admissions (non academic factors in the college application process).
  • Career Exploration: How to select a college major and understand potential career options after graduation.
  • Financial Planning: Provide an in depth discussion on return on Investment, merit scholarships and financial aid consideration.
  • Negotiation Financial Aid Plan: Provide support and expertise in appealing your financial aid package.
  • Life after high school: Assist with the transition to higher education

We Break the College Process into Two Steps


Step 1:

The College Search Process


Step 2:

The College Application Process

The College Visit Plan: $500 (Juniors & Seniors)

Let us get you started on the right track! School counselors have an average of 300 students per class that they work with. How can they really know who you are as a person and what your educational goals are? That’s why we are here to help. Our college counselors will:

  • Complete our career and college questionnaire so we fully understand students and parents. Our goal is to make sure your goals and expectations are met.
  • Develop a personalized school list to prepare for college visits.
  • Provide a list of questions to ask college admission representatives and academic faculty while on campus. Asking the right questions is important while spending time on campus and to understand the campus culture.
  • 30 minute phone call with college counselor to answer any questions.

The College Search Package: $850
(Juniors & seniors)

Two payments of $425

We customize the college search process to fit your individual goals. Every student has their ideas and thoughts so our team identifies how to separate yourself in the college application process. Our strategic approach maximizes your time while visiting colleges which allows your family to make smart decisions throughout the college search process.

The College Search Package includes the following:

  • Our analyzation of your responses to our in-depth career/college oriented questionnaire.
  • A customized college list based on a student’s academic background, standardized test scores and interests.
  • A personalized admissions strategy based on a family’s goals/expectations. We analyze your school profile, official transcript, and strength of curriculum.
  • Develop a student resume.
  • Assess chances of admission based off your academic transcript.
  • College visit preparation including college fairs in your geographic location.
  • Questions to ask college representatives.
  • Basic understanding of how to schedule college appointments with the admission offices and academic departments.
  • Two 30 minute calls(or email equivalent) to be initiated by the family with the college counselor to answer questions.
  • Financial Aid options.

The College Application Review: $850 (Seniors)

After your family has visited colleges/universities, our College Application Review assures that your application and financial aid process are completed in an organized manner. Our review will provide a professional approach to the college admission process.

The College Application Review includes the following:

  • Finalize a balanced college application list (reach, target and safe schools).
  • Assist with college applications and strategize when to apply (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular and Rolling Admission)
  • Review and provide feedback from the Common Application, Coalition and school specific applications.
  • Review an assist with building your college resume/list of activities.
  • Develop a strategy with sending standardized test scores at test optional school.
  • Understand return on investment in detail (merit scholarships).
  • One 30 minute call (or email equivalent) to be initiated by the family with the college counselor to answer questions.

The College Application Review: $850 (Seniors)

The College Application Package: $1,600

Two payments of $800 (payment plans are available upon request)

After your family has visited colleges/universities to gain an understanding of what your goals/expectations are, our College Application Package walks you through the entire application and financial aid process. Applying to colleges/universities is time consuming and complicated. Let us review and edit your application (if necessary) so our professional feedback allows your application to paint a picture of who you are inside and outside the classroom.

The College Application Package includes the following:

  • Create a college counseling timeline of when and how to accomplish your college admission tasks.
  • Develop a college application deadline calendar.
  • Create college applications and strategize when to apply (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular and Rolling Admission).
  • Setup and review all sections of the Common Application, Coalition and school specific applications.
  • Provide guidance for students that use Naviance at their location high school.
  • Build and develop your college resume.
  • Finalize a college list (reach, target and safe schools).
  • Follow up to assure college deadlines are met.
  • Debrief from your college visits.
  • Prepare and select letters of recommendation(s).
  • Provide interview tips and preparation prior to meeting with college representatives.
  • Develop a strategy with sending standardized test scores.
  • Assist with applying financial aid (understanding financial forms).
  • Understand return on investment in detail (merit scholarships).
  • Learn where to research and apply for private scholarships.
  • How to compare financial aid packages (negotiate and appeal, if necessary).
  • Discuss waitlist and deferral decisions.
  • Three calls or email equivalent to be initiated by the family with the college counselor to answer questions.
  • How to use important factors in making a final college choice.

Comprehensive Package: $3,500
(Sophomores & Juniors)

Two payments of $1750 (payment plans are available upon request)

Our college counselors are available for an “on demand” service for your family. In other words, we will provide you with the college search plan and the application package with unlimited access. We will respond to any phone call, text message or email within 24-48 hours. We are your personal college counselor throughout the entire college search, application and financial aid process whenever you need our support. We will make sure your expectations are met in through email, text, and by phone. Throughout the college process we will mentor the student.

The Comprehensive Package includes the following:

  • The College Search Package.
  • The College Application Package.
  • College Counselor will work directly with the student, mentoring them throughout the process. Monthly meetings to keep student on task.
  • Unlimited access for the student and parents via phone, email or text.

Specialized Services
(Juniors & seniors)

Below is a list of services we can provide by researching, communicating and reviewing a specific plan for each category. These are affordable options to help you accomplish important tasks, which are completed at an hourly rate of $125 (hours are an approximate number).

  • Common Application Coaching and Review 2-4 hours
  • Financial aid packaging review and strategy to help find the best return on investment 3 hours
  • Waitlist strategy for standing out to specific colleges 2-4 hours
  • Learning Disabilities specialist 3-5 hours
  • Transfer admission process 2-4 hours
  • Visual and performing arts portfolio support 3-5 hours

Antoinette and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your valued help. As we were approaching Victoria’s senior year in high school, we were a bit overwhelmed with the prospects of college, gaining acceptance, finding a suitable home for her to play collegiate volleyball and possibly qualifying for scholarships as well. We were late in the game and many schools already had committed in-coming players. Having your assistance in navigating the available opportunities that existed for Victoria was very beneficial is securing a place for her next year.

Your insight and respectful tactics in contacting schools on her behalf helped us succeed in not only getting Victoria accepted at a very prestigious business school, landing a roster spot on their division 1 volleyball team but also garnering a partial scholarship. All around, we couldn’t be happier how things turned out!

Thanks for your help, involvement and dedication to helping students and families make the best choices they can during the confusing process of trying to play collegiate sports, working towards athletic and academic scholarships and gaining college acceptance.