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Why S&A College Counseling?

S&A College Counseling consists of college admission officers, collegiate coaches, athletic administrators, and financial advisors.  Since the college search process can be overwhelming, our experienced professionals will guide your family through the college admission, application and financial aid processes. Our college counselors will help students choose the right academic courses at their high school and will put together an individual college list for each student. We will develop a standardized test plan for each student and provide a professional review of your college essay. We have worked closely with students of all academic levels and look forward to providing our services to you to assure all important deadlines are met.

There are many private companies that believe you can automate the college search process, but S&A College Counseling is not one of them.  We believe every student has specific educational goals and we will work with each student to find specific ways to stand out in the college application process.