No, we are happy to have a phone conversation, meeting, or webcam conference to answer any of your questions.
No, S&A College Counseling works with families throughout the U.S. and abroad, both in person and via webcam conference.
No. We work with a variety of students including: students who don’t play sports, others that play for fun, and kids that are interested in all levels of college athletics. Often students attend schools that aren’t the proper fit either academically or athletically, or both, and end up transferring. At S&A College Counseling we try to find you the best match to avoid a transfer.
Most of the time athletic recruiting isn’t easy. There are many factors in finding the correct fit athletically. Are the schools that you are interested in academically recruiting you? If not, how do you try and get them to recruit you? Are you a top recruit or a backup recruit? What do you do if you’re not being recruited at all?
No, there are no guarantees in being recruited. We put your child in the best position to be recruited by doing research, using our experience and contacts to help you find the right school.
Typically recruiting services send email blasts with your athletic profile and video to hundreds of schools.  Also, they may do an initial interview with you and that’s it.  We really get to know our families and feel it’s important to create a managable school list that fits academically and athletically.

We offer many services because families have different needs.  Some families need to be guided through the entire process, while others may need basic advising.  Of course, it’s your choice on which service to choose, but after an initial interview we will give you are opinion on how we think to best serve you.
No, we don’t offer that service on purpose.  At S&A College Counseling, we believe that college coaches don’t search the internet for video of potential players.  We will have you send video as needed to colleges that may be a good fit.
Coaches want to build relationships with students, not us.  However, coaches can’t always respond to every potential candidate, and that’s where we can be of help.  We will reach out to coaches on your behalf when needed to start the process and also to find out where you stand.